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Meet The Team - Nick, Director


We’ve lined up an interview with our director and head buyer, Nick, who’s going to answer some of our burning questions about the jewellery world, as well as telling us about some of their incredible experience in the industry and at Hatton Jewels, so without further ado, say hello to Nick!




How did you get into the Diamond and Gemstone industry?

I initially began training at the jewellery bench, making and restoring pieces. The workshop I was in produced many items for a number of high end jewellery stores as well as reproduction and restorations of antique pieces, that is really where I developed my skills and my interest in antique jewellery, Diamonds and coloured Gemstones grew.


What do you look for in a piece of jewellery?

The quality of craftsmanship is extremely important, as well as of course, the quality of the materials used. When looking for pieces, I am particularly interested in jewellery that contains exquisite quality Diamonds and coloured Gemstones, some that may come with significant provenance. I also pay attention to how they have been individually crafted and made using different techniques to create a finished piece of jewellery that highlights all the materials within it. Coming across these pieces in my searches for jewellery to buy is always exciting.


What is your advice for someone when they are looking to sell a piece of jewellery?

Researching the company you are looking to sell your item to is very important, check their jewellery knowledge and the audience they have, so that they are able to offer the best prices possible for your pieces. I have many years of experience in the jewellery industry based in Hatton Garden and specifically in dealing with fine Diamonds and coloured Gemstones. I am particularly interested in Antique Jewellery, Gemstones, Natural Pearls and Old Diamonds. I have attended many international trade shows for over 30 years, discussing and examining pieces with other specialists and with customers looking to buy and sell jewellery.


Do you have any favourite jewellery pieces?

There are so many things that go together to make a piece desirable. Period signed jewellery can be particularly interesting. 19th and 20th century jewellery from the famous houses such as Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels can command high prices. I also like to buy fine coloured gemstones and natural (oriental) pearls because of their rarity. It is important to understand the origins and any treatments that they may have been subjected to when assessing values. These are the type of items where specialist knowledge is really needed. We have many international clients that look for these very specific gems or styles of jewellery and who buy and sell with us.


If you have any jewellery that you are looking to sell or would like specialist jewellery advice, just book an appointment online, by email on, or call us on 0203 116 0069 and we would be happy to help.