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Meet The Team - Cloudie, Social Media & Jewellery Coordinator

For this weeks blog, we’ve lined up an interview with our Social Media & Jewellery Coordinator, Cloudie Preuss, who’s going to tell us about some of her experience working here at Hatton Jewels and about her favourite jewellery pieces we get to see through our door, so without further ado, say hello to Cloudie!


What is your favourite jewellery?

I really love modern signed jewellery, there are so many designs that are classic pieces that can be easily identified and are timeless designs, like the Cartier love bangles or Van Cleef Alhambra pendant. We buy many pre-owned pieces and see a large number of signed jewellery pieces being offered for sale so I am always excited to see what new pieces we have to add to our collections on offer to our customers.


What is your main role within Hatton Jewels?

Being passionate about jewellery is obviously very important however my main role involves the marketing and growth of our social media channels. I studied Marketing Management at The University of Greenwich before securing a position with Hatton Jewels, being able to use this knowledge within such a specialist industry is very exciting. I have had the opportunity to learn so much about jewellery and continue to add to this knowledge each day whilst promoting our business and the services we have to offer as a company.


What do you think is important when shopping with companies online?

There are so many businesses online these days and the way we shop has changed from the days of only high street shopping. My advice to people is to look into the company you may be wanting to purchase from, find out a little more about them and their team and check reviews from customers who have previously purchased from them. As an independent small business our entire team is passionate and invested in everything we do and providing our customers with the best quality jewellery as well as excellent service is a priority for us.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check that the people you are purchasing from know and understand the pieces they are selling, that they can offer you advice and guidance but also that the after sales service is just as important. Just because they are online doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to expect and receive personal service.


Do you have a piece of jewellery on your wish list?

There are so many pieces I would wish to own, I have of course already picked out the kind of engagement ring I would hope for one day, so I hope the future hubby is reading this! Classic yellow gold fine band with a gorgeous bright Brilliant cut Diamond, timeless beauty is certainly my style.

For right now I think a Diamond tennis bracelet would be top of the list, they are perfect for a touch of everyday glamour whilst being the perfection of understatement. This with a pair of simple Diamond stud earrings and I think any outfit would be complete.


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