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Diamond Shape
Brilliant Cut (Round) (75)Brilliant Cut (Round)
Cushion Cut (1)Cushion Cut
£1000-£2000 (13)£1000-£2000
£2000-£3000 (25)£2000-£3000
£3000-£4000 (22)£3000-£4000
£4000-£5000 (14)£4000-£5000
£5000-£6000 (3)£5000-£6000
£6000-£7000 (7)£6000-£7000
£7000-£10000 (18)£7000-£10000

Brilliant Cut

One of the most popular cuts of diamond, a round brilliant cut diamond delivers incredible sparkle and beautiful refractions of light from each facet.

It is considered the most sparkly of diamond cuts and its symmetrical shape allows it to maximise all its qualities.

The history of Brilliant cut engagement rings 

The pattern of facets was devised by Marcel Tolkowsky, a Belgian maths student whose family owned a diamond business. In 1919 Tolkowsky published his thesis, "Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond". He had looked at the way that light is reflected within a diamond, and designed the round brilliant cut to optimise the combination of 'fire' (refraction of light into different colours) and brilliance (reflection of white light). A well made round brilliant cut diamond will also exhibit exceptional scintillation (sparkle), which jewellers call 'life'.

Unlike an old cut, the proportions of a modern round brilliant are tightly defined. If a stone deviates far from the theoretical ideal, it won’t score a high ‘cut grade'. For example, if a stone has been cut too deep or too shallow, light will tend to ‘leak’ out of the back of the stone, and it won’t sparkle as well as it should do. 

Considering that most diamonds are sawn (in the sawing process, a bronze blade impregnated with diamond dust spins at high speed to gradually cut through the stone) and that to saw through a one-carat diamond might take eight hours, followed by all the faceting, it can be said that to create a perfectly cut brilliant cut diamond will take a long time!

The purpose of faceting is to let light pass through and be reflected and refracted from faces on the back of the stone and back out of the front of the stone - this is called internal refraction. 

Faceted cuts are precisely designed to show off the gem to best advantage, and the brilliant cut is the best example of this process working.

We are also particularly proud of our extensive selection of GIA certified diamonds, which take centre stage in some of our most popular classic engagement ring designs. The quality of these exquisite diamonds are registered by the Gemmological Institute of America – a laboratory that is considered one of the most respected and reliable within the diamond industry.

The GIA are known for their unbiased diamond grading, together with their consistency. Our GIA certified engagement rings are the most highly valued in the industry, and are prised for their clarity, colour, polish and dimensions, along with many other characteristics. 

Browse our range of brilliant cut engagement rings below. Still not sure where to start? Speak to one of our expert team members using our live chat option or get in touch to book an appointment at our boutique london showroom based in Hatton Garden and speak to one of our qualified gemologists. 

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Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring - 0.50ct

Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring - 0.50ct

Price: £1,175.00
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Vintage Diamond Solitaire Ring - 0.35ct

Vintage Diamond Solitaire Ring - 0.35ct

Price: £1,980.00

Ring Size:
An ornate handcrafted platinum ring claw set with an alluring 0.35ct brilliant cut diamond, graded E VS1 by GIA. The shoulders each bear a leaf motif, grain set with a small old cut diamond.
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