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Diamond Clarity

Clarity is an important factor governing the price and quality of diamonds and it refers to the visible purity of the stone. Regardless of the shape or colour of your diamond, if the clarity is poor then the overall effect might be dull and cloudy.The purer the diamond, the clearer it appears, the more sought-after it becomes, and the more expensive it will be.

Imperfections that affect the stone’s clarity are known as inclusions. These can be mineral traces, cracks and fractures, or other natural imperfections that hinder or block the light as it passes through the stone – so lessening its sparkle.

Clarity Grading

The Gemology Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society  (AGS) have instigated a grading system to help determine diamond clarity based on the number, size, position, nature and colour of the inclusions, although these do vary according to different labs (please see Certification).

Diamond clarity is generally determined according to the following inclusions. Please note the very small specks.

The GIA and AGS standardised clarity gradings are as follows:


Internally Flawless

FL has no visible inclusions under 10x magnification IF has only small blemishes on the diamonds surface and no internal characteristics.


Very, Very Slightly Included.

 Inclusions not visible to the naked eye and difficult to see minute inclusions to a skilled grader.

VS1, VS2

Very Slightly Included.

Inclusions not usually visible to the naked eye but difficult to somewhat easy to see minute blemishes to a trained grader under 10x.

SI1, SI2

Slightly Included

Inclusions visible under10x microscope, possible visible to the naked eye. 

I1, P1 - Piqué1


Just visible

I2, P2 - Piqué2


Easily visible

I3, P3 - Piqué3


Very Easily Visible Inclusions.

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