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Finding a Ring Size

If you are buying a ring for someone special and in secret, it can be tricky to get that all-important ring size. A proposal, in particular, is all about the romantic surprise, and so most people want to buy a ring without raising their partner's suspicion.

The size of each finger is different, so getting any ring out of your partner's jewellery collection is not advised. If he or she already wears a ring on the engagement finger, try to see if you can borrow it without raising any suspicions or try it on yourself and mark the spot on your own finger.

Alternatively, you could feign an interest in your partner's jewellery to get them to try out different ring sizes, and then secretly take away the ring that fits the engagement finger.

Hatton Jewels can send you a plastic ring sizer, although this may require your partners input unless you can be particularly imaginative in using it. Alternatively, any jeweller can provide you with a ring size - either from a piece of jewellery or by measuring in person.

Ring Size Measurements Chart

UK Ring Size† †Size measure in mm
†G †45.5 mm
†H †46.7 mm
†I †48 mm
†J †48.7 mm
†K †49.9 mm
†L †51.2 mm
†M †52.5 mm
†N †53.8 mm
†O †55 mm
†P †56.3 mm
†Q †57.6 mm
†R †58.9 mm
†S †60.1 mm
†T †61.4 mm
†U †62.7 mm
†V †64 mm
†W †65.2 mm
†X †66.5 mm
†Y †67.8 mm
†Z †68.4 mm

Of course you want everything to be perfect when you propose or give someone a special gift, but remember if the ring doesnít fit, you can always have it resized by Hatton Jewels or by a local jeweller. Itís better to err on the side of caution and opt for a looser fit than a tight squeeze.

Unusual Sizes

Hatton Jewels lists prices for ring sizes ranging from I to R, but we can provide additional sizes for most of our rings on request, including half sizes.

For more guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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