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How to Properly look after your Engagement Ring!

Itís your most precious and prized possession, so it makes sense that you put as my care and pride into looking after your engagement ring as much as possible, ensuring it sparkles just as much as the day that beautiful box opened for the first time and it slipped onto your finger. Here are our top tips for making sure your engagement ring stays as good as new, and always turns those heads!

Donít sleep with it on

We understand if you may never want to take your engagement ring off, but sleeping with your engagement ring on is in fact not a good idea. An engagement ring is a fine piece of jewellery and should be treated as such. It's easy when you're asleep for your ring to get caught in things such as your hair or on your sheets and this can cause the stone to loosen in its setting. Have one safe spot in your house as the only place you ever take your ring off and store it to prevent from losing it.

Take it off when you hit the gym!

Direct impact or strong pressure could cause your band to scratch, dent, or even loosen a prong, which could result in a loose diamond, so if youíre working out hard at the gym we advise you take your ring off. Platinum is the strongest precious metal, but remember itís not invincible. If you are an avid yoga or pilates goer, wearing your ring is not as risky. 

Have it checked professionally twice a year

Everyday wear can cause your prongs to loosen or bend. Prevent any stones from accidentally falling out by ensuring the prongs are checked by a professional and that they are securely holding your diamond. If your ring is particularly discoloured or dirty, you can also have it professionally cleaned. 

Change the metal setting every few years

Depending on the type of precious metal of your ring, youíll want to follow the care instructions to ensure it stays sparkling and in great shape. Over time, every type of metal will tarnish due to exposure to oxygen and moisture.

Platinum and 18ct gold require polishing every couple of years to maintain its smooth surface and shine, whilst 18ct gold needs to be dipped every few years to replace the rhodium plating and to retain its colour and luster.

Choose a jewellers that offer a lifetime warranty

Here at Hatton Jewels we offer a lifetime warranty with all of our jewellery, so you can rest assured if anything happens to your engagement ring, itís covered. One less thing to worry about!
If youíre interested in any types of jewellery such as wedding rings or engagement rings, just get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff who will be sure to guide you along the way. Alternatively, our boutique Hatton Garden jewellers is open Monday to Friday and appointments to see all of our diamond rings can be booked quickly and easily online.

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