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Is it OK to start talking about Summer weddings?

Well, given that Summer is well and truly on its way (22 degrees next week? Yes, please!), here at Hatton Jewels HQ, we’ve unanimously decided it’s completely fine to start to talk about Summer wedding season. With that in mind, here are some of our top things to remember when putting on an outdoor Summer wedding so it goes off in scorching style.

Marquee, tipi, or alfresco?

Think about the reception style you desire as this will affect the type of marquee that you could hire – traditional, frame or giant tipis, for example. Also think about the site of the reception: traditional marquees cannot go on hard-standing like courtyards or tennis courts due to the guy ropes so in this instance you’ll need a frame marquee. Will you want windows and doors or completely open on one side? Do you prefer round tables, square tables or long banqueting tables?


You need to think about parking for guests and back-of-house suppliers. If parking is in a nearby field then provide a solid walkway for guests in case it is raining, walking across a sodden field in heels is not much fun. Ensure there is good signage so people know where to park and the route back to the car is lit with lanterns.

Food glorious food

Check with your caterers what size catering marquee they need to service your wedding proficiently. Ensure your caterers have access to fresh water, this can be simply an extendable hose into the catering tent.

Think about the design

Over the last few years the trend for marquees has been traditional styles with no lining, unclothed trestle tables and opened side. Pure understated country designs. But we’re definitely noticing a shift for more elegant, but still very British, designs.

Ditch traditional tables

Couples nowadays seem to be steering away from round tables and opting for long banqueting tables. These tables work especially well for rustic or festival themes. They can be simply dressed and you don’t have to impose a traditional seating plan.

Use the ceiling

The beauty of marquees is you have so much height to play with. Hanging lanterns, bunting and pom-poms are slowly making way for more elegant hanging crystals, origami birds or chandeliers. Couples who want a more intimate feel in their marquee could also consider draping. When done well, this will help reduce the ceiling height and create dramatic entrances into different areas of the marquee.


Whether you want practical to mood-enhancing lighting, ask your marquee company what lighting specialist they would recommend. Don’t forget to light up pathways to key areas at night, like the exits and car parks. Also don’t forget that you will need lighting outside if you have a hog roast as well!

Don’t forget, if you’re still in need of some wedding bands for the that perfect day, here at Hatton Jewels we can help, just get in touch! Anything we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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