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Meet The Team - Gemma, Assistant Manager

Weíve lined up an interview with our assistant manager, Gemma Bentham, whoís going to answer some of our burning questions about the jewellery world, as well as telling us about some of her incredible experience in the industry and at Hatton Jewels, so without further ado, say hello to Gemma! 

How did get into the jewellery business?

I actually stumbled into the jewellery industry when I first left school, I started working in a local independent goldsmiths as an apprentice and I just loved it. The interaction with the customers and the skills of the goldsmiths, also the knowledge within the company was incredible and allowed me to learn and grow so much. Being able to see how a piece of jewellery is made from conception to completion is incredible and I find it more and more inspiring the longer I am in the industry.


Tell us what your favourite piece of jewellery is?

My Favourite piece of jewellery that I own is a piece I had made after being inspired on a trip to the Picasso museum. Its no secret amongst those who know me that I LOVE Dachshunds (yes, the dogs) and Picasso had done a painting called ďLe ChienĒ. When I saw it I just knew I had to have this as a piece of jewellery in some way, so when I returned from my trip I asked the goldsmith to help create my design. I was not disappointed and I absolutely love it, it holds very fond memories for me.


Can you tell us more about making bespoke jewellery?

Itís a wonderfully creative process, talking through the ideas and inspirations with customers, learning how they envisage a piece and how it will be worn to help find just the right design that will work for them. Looking through stones to select with the customers and seeing how when it just all falls into place the customerís expression changes and then you know you have helped them create something they will love and cherish.

Also going through with the goldsmiths and setters to make the imagined design a secure and wearable piece, making small adjustments to setting styles and spacing so that the design comes together beautifully as a finished piece of jewellery.

Itís a wonderful process and even with the editions on modern technologies like CAD, laser welding machines and other advancements I donít think it takes away from the genuine hand crafted work that is being created and finished by experienced goldsmiths.


 What kind of bespoke jewellery have you made recently?

We have made some exquisitely beautiful pieces in recent months. Pieces that have stood out in my mind are some of the re-purposed pieces we have made. Customers have brought old unworn pieces of jewellery into us that they have, whether it be inherited or pieces they just donít like the design of anymore and we have used them to create something new that they can enjoy wearing again. This has included and engagement ring from an old family heirloom ring and a necklace that was an old chunky design that was re-fashioned in to a modern and delicate pendant that showed the diamonds off spectacularly.

There is also of course all the wonderful engagement rings we have created, there have been so many different designs and itís wonderful to see all the different tastes in designs in style people have when they are creating their unique ring, not to mention the milestone memory you have been a part of creating.


Is it easy for someone to have to have bespoke jewellery made? 

It is much easier than people think, with the right guidance of course. Having a piece of jewellery designed should be a fun and relaxed process for the customer, you donít need to have the technical ability or vast knowledge of jewellery, that is what we are here for. To answer your questions and use our knowledge and expertise to help you make an informed decision on what you really want in a piece of jewellery. We are able to provide pictures and designs, loose Diamonds and Gemstones to make selections from and samples of finished pieces so that you can help to have a physical example before you proceed with the final piece being made.

If Iím thinking about making a bespoke engagement ring, what do I need to do?

It is really easy, give us a call and come and see one of our highly trained and experienced team in our consultation room. We know it can be a daunting process and do everything we can to create a relaxed atmosphere for you, so that you feel thoroughly comfortable when you make such an important and precious purchase.

Whichever company you decide to use I would always recommend you check to see examples of their previous work and pieces they have made. Read the online independent reviews to see what their existing customers have to say about them. Most importantly be completely happy with what you are buying and say if something is not right for you, it can usually be an easy fix and will leave you loving your item of jewellery forever.

If you have would like to have a piece of jewellery remodelled with the help of Gemma, or if you are looking to create a unique bespoke item, just book an appointment online and visit our boutique shop in Hatton Garden at your earliest convenience and Gemma would be happy to help.

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