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Diamond Shape
Brilliant Cut (Round) (10)Brilliant Cut (Round)
Pear Shape (2)Pear Shape
£100-£500 (1)£100-£500
£500-£1000 (2)£500-£1000
£1000-£2000 (6)£1000-£2000
£2000-£3000 (3)£2000-£3000
£4000-£5000 (8)£4000-£5000
£5000-£6000 (1)£5000-£6000
£6000-£7000 (3)£6000-£7000
£7000-£10000 (1)£7000-£10000
£10000+ (6)£10000+


Hatton Jewels offer a wide range of Diamond Necklaces, designed to suit any budget, and with 70% off high street prices. With a hand-picked selection of designs to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect necklace to suit your style. 

When it comes to pendants, princess and round brilliant cut diamonds are two of most popular choices. If you are feeling a little adventurous, a fancy shaped solitaire can also be made into a timeless piece of jewellery. At Hatton Jewels, we know how important it is to find the exact necklace to match your style, so we have put together a quick guide on the most popular choices.


There are a myriad of styles and designs for pendants, such as unique geometrical shapes, initials or words. While most diamonds are set in a bezel or channel arrangement, intricate pave designs are also becoming increasingly popular. A diamond pendant necklace is a perfect gift which can be worn with any type of attire and offers a beautiful way to symbolise or commemorate a special occasion.

Links or Chains

Gold or platinum chains often have diamonds interwoven between the links, providing a beautiful array of sparkling gems. They can have clusters of diamonds between gold sections, patterns, or multiple facets with swirling designs like a chandelier. 

Collars, Riviere Necklaces & Line Necklaces

Line necklaces are a very popular choice of style for diamond necklaces. Adding glamour and class to any outfit, this type of necklace is a classic addition to any wardrobe. Diamond line necklaces are generally found in the 14-20 inch range, with the shorter lengths being the most popular. This makes for a perfect anniversary or wedding gift because the continuous row of diamonds symbolises the continuous, neverending love and admiration a couple has for one another.

Solitaire Pendants

One of the most versatile and popular styles of diamond necklaces, a single diamond on a delicate chain is an eye-catching and simple option for many women these days. This style differs from the other diamond necklaces in that the eye’s attention is drawn to one single stone. Any number of shapes and sizes are a possibility, however the most classic options are a round or princess solitaire.

Like the process of selecting a diamond for a ring, the same is true when it comes to picking one for a necklace. The basics of how diamonds are graded and valued are based on the four Cs of colour, cut, clarity and carat. 

Can’t find the exact pair of diamond necklace you like? Why not speak to one of our members of staff? Our master jewellers will help you every step of the way in finding the necklace or pendant to match your needs. If you need more information, just get in touch or book an appointment at our boutique shop in Hatton Garden, London’s famous jewellery quarter.

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Platinum Diamond Necklace - 0.40ct Approx

Platinum Diamond Necklace - 0.40ct Approx

Price: £1,150.00

A graceful trace chain crafted in platinum interspersed with 10 rub-over-set diamonds at equal intervals throughout the length of the chain.

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Platinum Pearl Necklace

Platinum Pearl Necklace

Price: £1,700.00

A graceful trace chain crafted in platinum interspersed with pearls at equal intervals throughout the length of the chain.

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