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Re-purposing your old jewellery

Whether it is heirloom, or costume jewellery, or whether you have an old ring you no longer wear but you think the gemstone would look great in a necklace, we’ve put together some of our top reasons to completely transform your old vintage jewellery into beautiful bespoke jewellery .

Why re-purpose old jewellery?

There are many reasons you could wish to repurpose some old jewellery. Perhaps it is simply just to update the style. When you receive inherited jewellery passed down from a family member, it may feel easier to let it sit in the back of your jewellery box than to admit that it just isn’t your style. With jewellery redesigning, you have the ability to actually re-design the piece into exactly what you want. You have complete control and can infuse your own style and personality into the piece. You also have the ability to of combine two or more pieces into one. If you have stones in two different rings that you think would look great together, it is completely possible to combine them into one new design.

Another reason may be to keep the sentimental value. If you were given an heirloom ring from a family member that you don’t totally love, re-purposing maintains the respect, sentimentality, and meaning of the gift while also adding your own unique story to the family tradition (just make sure you let them know first!).

One other reason may be that with repurposing jewellery, the possibilities are limitless. Just because you have a ring now doesn’t mean it has to stay a ring, you can transform it into a powerful statement necklace. Those earrings that have just been sitting on the shelf collecting dust can be turned into a cocktail ring, and Grandma’s old necklace can easily transform into a pair of alternative earrings.

Our customer story...

Recently, a young man walked through the doors of our boutique appointment room clutching an old ring that he had been given by his future mother in law. He wanted to propose to his partner and after telling his future mother in law, she had said there was a family heirloom, passed down by her mother that she would like to gift to him, a beautiful diamond ring.

Wanting to give the ring a new lease of life, he handed it to our expert jewellers who helped him devise an elegant new ring. He choose a stunning bespoke, super glam and sparkly platinum, diamond cluster ring, which we have to say looks fantastic!

The most important thing is she said yes! And is now the proud owner of this stunning diamond engagement ring.

What jewellery can I re-purpose?

While virtually any style of jewellery has the ability of being re-purposed (rings, necklaces, and earrings) it’s important to to take note of what stones are set in the jewellery piece that you are hoping to redesign. This is because different stones vary in hardness and durability. You can find out how hard your stone is by finding it on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which categorises gems and minerals from very hard (diamond) to very soft (talc). Stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are very hard and durable, and more likely to be able to withstand the jewellery remodeling process without being damaged. Softer stones like turquoise or moonstone may not be the best stones to re-purpose, because they have a much higher chance of being scratched or cracked when being transferred between settings.

We hope this has inspired you to think about re-purposing some of your old and unused jewellery into something beautiful you might use. If you have any questions, or have an idea you think you’d like, speak to our expert jewellers here at Hatton Jewels who will be more than happy to guide you through the process, which is usually much cheaper than people think.

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