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The Lowdown on Wed-fit Rings

One engagement ring phrase that needs to be part of every bride-to-be or ring purchaser's vocabulary is 'wed-fit'. If you choose a ring that is wed-fit, it means that the setting will fit neatly against it, with no gap. A lot of people will buy engagement rings and never really think that they have to buy a wedding ring with it, so to make sure you have the perfect shaped wedding ring to fit your engagement ring, read on!

A strong Instagram trend has been to create a signature look by stacking, combining different metals and jewels on their fingers. People love stacking. It's a great excuse to wear more jewellery and obviously you have a trend now where people are getting lovely rings for promotions or for babies and to celebrate different things, and you only have so many fingers so it's nice to be able to stack rings.

Having an eternity band as your engagement ring and pairing it with a much plainer wedding band is a strong trend that's coming in. We love it because it's a very elegant way to wear diamonds, and it paves the way for stacking as well.

The different types of wed-fit rings

There are a number of varieties of fitted wedding ring:

Gentle wave – Usually the slightly subtler of shaped wedding rings and often a style that would also work as a standalone ring. This design simply sweeps around the detail in the engagement ring and is often an option for any style of engagement ring.

Jigsaw – A wedding ring which is shaped exactly to the engagement ring to fit like a jigsaw piece. This design blends seamlessly with the engagement ring preventing any gaps between the rings. It can however look a bit unusual if worn alone.

Cage – a caged wedding ring can either fit both sides of the engagement ring formed from two rings joined by struts, or fit around opposing sides with an overlap at the back of the ring.

Wishbone – Often designed to fit around angular shaping or a large central stone. This is a versatile design as severity of the V shape can be altered to fit the engagement ring.

Open – if an engagement ring has a large central stone sometimes, an open wedding ring is a good option to avoid creating a very shaped wedding ring.

We hope this has helped explain some of the differences between the different types of wed fit wedding rings. If you are on the lookout for one of these truly beautiful rings, or any engagement rings, why not get in touch with one of our expert team members at Hatton Jewels who will be more than willing to help you choose a ring for your needs. At Hatton Jewels we also offer a unique design your own engagement ring service, which is perfect for ensuring the perfect wed fit ring, whatever style you choose.

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