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Top tips for choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

It is no secret that the folks here at Hatton Jewels are a tiny bit wedding obsessed! In preparation for the most popular season of weddings, we’ve been admiring some of the beautiful wedding bouquets over on Pinterest, and so, we’ve put together a quick wedding bouquet guide to share with you!

When it comes to planning a wedding, it goes without saying that choosing the right flowers comes right up there with picking the venue, menu and the perfect dress. However, with so many varieties, themes and seemingly endless inspiration to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming (especially once you end up down the Pinterest rabbit hole). Fortunately, Hatton Jewels are here to help with some tips!

Choose the right season...

Choose flowers that are really strong and in season when you plan to get married. If you’re unfamiliar with seasonality, there are lots of resources online that will help you to find out what’s available (and of course, you florist will always be able to guide you with this, too). Naturally, these days it is much easier to get hold of flowers that aren’t necessarily in season. However, abiding by nature will ensure that you get the most bountiful blooms, more for your money, and gorgeous flowers that will look and feel in the true spirit of the season.

Match the colour scheme of the day

As a general rule of thumb, aim to complement your flowers to your outfits. A classic example is the use of thistle buttonholes, the national flower of Scotland, for groomsmen sporting the traditional tartan kilt. If the wedding dress is full of lovely detail, it might be wise to opt for an understated bridal bouquet that won’t detract from your outfit. If you’re not sure, bring a photo and sample materials to your florist who will be able to help you make the right choice.

Think about where you will place the flowers on the day

Ideally, you want an element of fluidity running through your flowers and venue. A beautiful display of colourful, tropical varieties may look at odds in a traditional, Victorian ballroom and the same goes for traditional designs in super sleek, modern venues. That being said, we don’t like to pigeonhole anything, but if you’re looking for a simple way to choose wedding flowers that will suit your day, then the venue is a great place to start.

Know how much you want to spend!

Decide on what your budget will be on from the outset and let your florist makes suggestions that are appropriate and within your range. If you’re not sure yet, it’s always good to have at least a rough figure to start with –  what you don’t want is your florist making lots of suggestions that are going to be unsuitable.  Make a list of your absolute essential floral designs, followed by your preferences, and a good florist will be able to get creative with your budget and help make it stretch for you.

If you’re interested in any types of jewellery such as wedding rings or engagement rings, just get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff who will be sure to guide you along the way. Alternatively, our boutique Hatton Garden jewellers is open Monday to Friday and appointments to see all of our diamond rings can be booked quickly and easily online.

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